Shooting Hermione

It’s a truth universally acknowledged that I am obsessed with everything Harry Potter; so as you can imagine when Ann-Marie / Amii BloodLust (cosplay) posted a test of her brand new Hermione Granger cosplay I was pretty excited and immediately sent her a message asking if she wanted to collaborate on a photo shoot together.

A few messages back and forth and we had a date and a meeting place set. Weirdly for once this photo shoot wasn’t based in London and was actually based locally to me and was simply one bus ride away.

First Location.

Having grown up in the area I had three places in mind for locations. The first location was down a side alley just off the main high street of the town and thankfully footfall was fairly light. What drew me to this location was the juxtaposed door with brickwork and ivy. This, to me, screamed Hogwarts exterior/Herbology entrance way. However I feel the finished edit (right) made it look more of the entrance to the Forbidden Forest, which I am totally happy about due to the dark tones I decided to edit the collection in.

The second location was conveniently on the way to the third location and was, yet again, by a wall covered in ivy. This again looked like a gritty Hogwarts exterior and I was super happy to place Ann-Marie in this little corner. A corner for a location allows a lot of diversity in angles and more depth of field plus the brickwork and ivy gave a lot of texture to the images. I’m thankful for finding this corner as I didn’t have to worry about passers-by or other background interference.

At the Third Location

The last location was in and around the large park which is heavily wooded behind the river and having shot in this location before I had a clear idea of particular clearings I wished to use. This is where I was able to have a longer depth of field and a wider range of angles and allow more of the background to play a part. We had a lot of fun here playing with the location, the angles and the light filtering through the trees. Although this was when the sun decided to join us and the direct sunlight was a tad too harsh and washed out a lot of her features, but we soon counteracted that with a few steps to the side into the shade.

Editing these photos was a lot of fun for me, I originally thought I wanted to make the images light and airy however the more sliders I moved in Lightroom the tone became darker and fit the ‘Forbidden Forest’ theme I had unconsciously adopted. Only one issue arose at this point and that was with some graffiti that was in the background of a couple of the shots and I attempted to fade it out and make it look less obvious, and I’m hoping it’s not identifiable straight away and its presence doesn’t disturb the subject. I think I notice the graffiti the most as I spent a good time staring at it. Hopefully it isn’t so obvious to viewers. (Head back to the article cover photo to see what I’m talking about). If it is obvious just imagine it’s an Ancient Runes student writing ‘Potter stinks!’ or something!

Also, to add to the magic of the editing (pun intended, I’m sorry) I decided it was finally time for me to open up Photoshop for the first time in my life, and to learn how to insert light flares to Hermione’s wand! This took less time than I thought it wo

Lumos Effect

uld however I did try to create different coloured lens flares but it was mind-boggling for a Photoshop muggle like me. In the end I am super happy how they turned out and they still fit the Harry Potter aesthetic of a good ol’ Lumos spell!

If you want to see more clues into how I edit you can see them on my Patreon.

Or you can visit my Facebook Page, Instagram or Twitter to see the full set!

Or better yet, go and show your love and support to the ever talented cosplayer Ann-Marie on her Facebook Page and Instagram! Can’t wait to see what you create next!



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