I’m not going to lie, this is all going to sound as cheesy hell.

Yesterday, 1st Feb 2017, the Other Half and I celebrated eight whole years of being together! EIGHT! How crazy is that?! Now, for those of you reading at these early stages of this blog will know us, you’ll remember the two seventeen year olds at sixth-form who were just getting on with their lives when it was that Halloween party that began things in motion. If you don’t know about that particular Halloween, lets just say, it was crowded, a lot happened, we were all responsible and there was fancy dress involved. If you weren’t there, tough?

Anyway, that Halloween ended with deep, meaningful, slightly drunken, talking until stupid o’clock in the morning and then left us both feeling confused – him more than me I’m afraid to say – and it wasn’t until four months later that I actually acknowledged that I may actually like this super, nice, friendly, caring, boy who’s been messaging me everyday just to say ‘hi’.

Long story short, after meeting up and sneaking out at 3am a few times (sorry parents) we became a thing! Now eight years later we’re still that thing!

Needless to say a lot has happened in the last eight years;

  • We turned 18/21/25…
  • We moved to Southampton whilst I was at Uni
  • We’ve been to Paris for a day (5th anniversary)
  • We’ve been to Rome (7th anniversary)
  • We’ve been to a lot of conventions
  • We’ve been to a lot of zoos & aquariums & bird sanctuaries
  • We’ve been to LA (family wedding trip)
  • We’ve moved into our first proper adult flat
  • We’ve eaten a lot of sushi
  • We’ve been to Cornwall (his family trip)

And so on, we’ve done a lot in eight years, and it’s been great! I’ve loved every minute of it! I can’t actually imagine not having him in my life. Everything revolves around him, I wake up next to him and I fall asleep next to him, every day, and all the bits in between are either spent with him or thinking about messaging him and asking how his day is going.

So, what’s the point of all this? It’s just to say that we’re still disgustingly happy together and we only look forward to the future and all the adventures it’ll bring!

Until next time!




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